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    World Lung Day 25 September

    A day for global lung health advocacy, sign up now

    Air Pollution

    What air are you breathing?



    The harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the lungs


    Everyone has the right to breathe clean air

    Sign the Charter for Lung Health and call for better lung health around the world

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    Template - One column - WLD Partner events

    Società Italiana di Pneumologia / Italian Respiratory Society

    For the National Lung Day we have invited our local representatives to organize local initiatives in order to raise awareness on this theme. We have asked them to organize in a public space (ex. A square) or in their medical clinics entertainment activities and informational meetings.


    Turkish Respiratory Society (TRS)

    We launched a special awareness project on the 52nd anniversary of our foundation with the message "We Walk with Endless Breath for a Healthy Future". This social responsibility project, entitled “The Healthy Future Walk: Take a Breath, Be Breath", aims to raise awareness about lung health and respiratory diseases, and invites people of all ages to participate in a more healthy life. over 1 million real steps have subsequently been taken in support of COPD awareness to date. World Lung Day. On this special day, the results of the project will be announced and the importance of the subject will again be emphasized. By World COPD Day, on which the project will be concluded, the goal is to achieve 3.6 million steps.

    Irish Thoracic Society

    media launch we are having on 15 Sept in Dublin for World Lung Day



    3 September: Healthy Lungs for Life spirometry event, Barcelona

    HLFL winners

    Congratulations to the 10 successful applicants for the latest round of Healthy Lungs for Life grant applications focused on World Lung Day, joint funded by FIRS. Cameroon, Ghana, UK, Cyprus, Iran, India and more.