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    Announcing the Lancet Global Health Commission on medical oxygen security

    Strong medical oxygen systems save lives. Lancet Global Health has launched a Commission on Medical Oxygen Security which will bring together clinicians, engineers, policy-makers, scientists and activists to think big and act bold. The Commission plans to publish its report on World Lung Day 2024.

    Integrated pneumonia surveillance: pandemics and beyond

    As we continue to confront new SARS-CoV-2 variants, this article looks at ways to anticipate and prepare for the emergence of other potential respiratory epidemics and pandemics.

    The 'Big Five' Lung Diseases in COVID-19 Pandemic – a Google Trends analysis

    This survey of online queries related to the 'Big Five' lung diseases using Google Trends published in Pulmonology and the National Library of Medicine provides a fascinating insight into human behaviour in the COVID-19 pandemic, and an insight into the interpretation, or misinterpretation, of respiratory symptoms.