World Lung Day Partner Events

    Our World Lung Day partners are respiratory societies, patient organisations, individuals and businesses spreading the message of lung health around the world. Here's how they are celebrating World Lung Day.

    Minister joins crowds at lung health event in Maldives

    Minister Aishath Nahula joins a busy social event on lung health and vaccination to mark World Lung Day in the Maldives. 

    A national day for respiratory health in Italy - Società Italiana di Pneumologia


    For Italy's National Lung Day Società Italiana di Pneumologia is organising regional events, entertainment and information days in public squares and medical clinics nationwide.

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    3.6 million steps for the Turkish Respiratory Society 

    TRS launched its respiratory health campaign on the 52nd anniversary of the society's foundation with the message "We Walk with Endless Breath for a Healthy Future" to raise awareness about lung health and respiratory diseases. From it's curtain-raiser on World Lung Day to the finish on World COPD Day (16 November), the goal for participants is to have walked 3.6 million steps.

    Find out more: Turkish Respiratory Society

    Irish Lung Health charities are urging the public to “Love Your Lungs”

    Ahead of World Lung Day on Sunday September 25,  a coalition of Irish Lung Health charities is urging the public to “Love Your Lungs”. The charities include the Alpha-1 Foundation Ireland, the Asthma Society of Ireland, COPD Support Ireland, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Physiologists, the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association, the Irish Sleep Society, and the Irish Thoracic Society.

    Find out more: Irish Thoracic Society

    Healthy Lungs for Life : testing lung health in Barcelona

    Great to see people in Barcelona wanting to learn more about their lung health at this Healthy Lungs for Life spirometry event organised by the European Lung Foundation (ELF). 

    The Healthy Lungs for Life campaign is run by the ELF and the European Respiratory Society (ERS). The campaign is aimed at everyone whether you have a lung condition or not. It focusses on key themes to raise awareness of the best ways we can keep our lungs healthy.

    Spreading the word among doctors and professionals in Bangladesh

    The Bangladesh Lung Foundation is celebrating World Lung Day with workshops on chest radiology and a poster campaign to create awareness among doctors and other health care providers about lung health.

    Find out more: Bangladesh Lung Foundation

    Healthy Lungs Nepal: flash mobs to video memes

    Community awareness events, video competitions and flash mobs are just some of the creative ways Healthy Lungs Nepal celebrates World Lung Day.

    Philippine College of Chest Physicians celebrate for a month

    Healthy Lungs for All Filipinos! A video for National Lung Month and World Lung Day made by the Philippine College of Chest Physicians. Keep a look out for the dancing doctors!

    The Pan African Thoracic Society Lung Health Initiative

    See more information here.

    The Pan African Thoracic Society Lung Health Initiative (PALI) is supporting 10 events, taking place in seven countries, providing training to healthcare workers, education to the public, lung function testing, exercise promotion, TB screening, and smoking cessation assistance on WLD 2022.

    Bangladesh: Rangpur lung health workshop 

    In Rangpur, a popular workshop for World Lung Day at the Government Begum Rokeya College.

    Primary Care Respiratory Society conference joins our call for lung health for all

    Ahead of World Lung Day the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS) - a UK-wide professional society - conference joined together to show their support for better lung health for all.